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Our Vision

The StratLab research laboratory conducts extensive research and development work in an attempt to promote the convergence of disciplines to optimize and improve the strategy and management of organizations.

The laboratory conducts research and develops concepts at the crossroads of scientific disciplines to solve complex problems related to social phenomena, organization and technology.

Working on behalf of large companies and administrations, StratLab plays a key role in the research and development of organizations and in the support of their development. Our research allows us to implement new practices, to anticipate changes that may have an impact on the organization, and also to detect weak signals that will make a difference in the future. All this research is also accompanied by a human component, which takes into account issues of leadership, management, psychology, and organizational behavior.

In addition, StratLab focuses on breakthrough innovations in human behavior, products, processes, and services.


Scientific Committee & Faculty Members

J. Aboiron, PhD (Coordinator)
Q. Commine, PhD
C. Dumesnil, PhD
R. Henríquez, PhD
J.-C. Javillier, PhD
C. Kiss, Engineer
D. Lamoureux, Sciences Po Paris
A. Moradi, PhD
C. Van Dorpe, INSEAD
F. Vasselin, PhD
J. Hombrecher, PhD

Why a DBA with us?

We educate future leaders to be disruptive!

DBA enhance professional experience, provide career prospects and build the trust capital of the diploma holder, which is a gateway to recognized expert status among peers.
Our DBA, diploma of a high international added value, provide an opportunity to stand out from the now ubiquitous Master’s degrees.
The diplomas also enable experienced executives (with a Master’s degree or not) to gain perspective on one’s management practices, validate expertise, substantiate one’s authority and gain the capacity to aim for new responsibilities. As such, DBA diplomas differ from Ph.D.s, which are only concerned with theory.
Today, companies also value these types of diplomas. Faced with ever-increasing competition, a complex world, more
cutting-edge technologies and faster and more global information exchange, companies seek to hire staff with interdisciplinary skill sets and the capacity to think global, innovate, design new and inventive models tailored to the changes in society.
To this effect, most DBA holders work in large international corporations operating in sectors ranging from consultancy, nance to industry. A number of leading groups have made the DBA an integral part of their career management policy.
Our DBA elds of research are now extremely varied and address the needs of managers, ranging from staff administration to strategic management. Fields of research include: nance, marketing, strategy, leadership, human resources, information systems, etc.

Key Principles

  1. Programs built with experts and Professors (PhD, DBA and HDR).
  2. Institutional Integrity, Sustainability & Distinctiveness.
  3. Supervision Quality & Sufficiency.
  4. Program Design & Leadership – Our DBA represent best practice in management research and application, taking into account market trends and practices.
  5. The Participant Experience.
  6. Competences, Graduate Attributes & Learning Outcomes.
  7. Research Output & Support.
  8. Assessment Rigour & Relevance.
  9. Impact & Lifelong Learning – Graduates will be able to demonstrate signi cant impact as a result of their DBA in a variety of organisational contexts, and will be supported in their continual development by the Institution.

3 years Program

Seminars of Methodoly

Held on weekends in Barcelona or Paris and taught by a quali ed research director, the themes of this seminar are:

- «Epistemology – Research Methodology» to learn how to construct a eld of research, gather and process information, objectivisation procedure and how to de ne a problem.

- «Review of Litterature» to learn how dto nd academic articles and theories to build your own de nition of your problem and/or to nd a gap to explore in the theory.

Seminar on your field

This seminar is overseen by professionals with demonstrated expertise in their eld of practice. The seminar allow the doctoral students to establish an interface between knowledge acquired (even the mist theoretical ones) and real-life professional challenges.

We grant the school access to its network of specialists, professionals, researchers and Ph.D. holders to enable doctoral student to be supervised by an internationally renowned professional.

We are organised into 3 research and publication divisions:

- Finance (Bank, Corporate Finance, Trading)

- Strategy and Marketing (Innovation, International Business, Brand/Retail)

- The Governance division (Leadership, Human Resources, Ethic/Compliance)

The doctoral school is under the responsability of 10 personalities internationally renowned for their expertise and their international network.

Fees: 20 700 EUR



37 rue des Mathurins                     
Paris, 75008


Phone: +33 (0) 184 230 115